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Solar Attic Fans

Ventilate your attic with free, clean, abundant solar energy.

U.S. Sunlight’s line of Solar Attic Fans provides the active ventilation your attic needs to reduce the heat build-up that could reach temperatures of 160F and higher. It’s this heat build-up that can overheat your air conditioning ductwork and raise the temperatures in your home’s living spaces.

Adding a Solar Attic Fan will provide the circulation and improved airflow to effectively ventilate your attic and lower the temperature. The result will be a reduced strain on your air conditioner, a cooler house, and a more comfortable living environment.

Solutions for tile roofs, gable/static vents, and crawlspaces.

If you have a tile roof, the Solar Powered All Purpose Ventilator is the perfect solution for ventilating your attic. It installs inside your attic behind an existing vent and requires no cutting of your roof or tiles. One All Purpose Ventilator can ventilate up to 1250 square feet of attic space.

Add sunlight to any room in your house.

The Skylight Tube™ from U.S. Sunlight adds clean natural light to any room in your house while also enhancing the appearance of your roofline. With our revolutionary new square dome design, you are no longer restricted to "hiding" traditional round bubble tube lights to the backside of your house—Show off your upgraded roof appearance with our attractive and functional Skylight Tube.

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Solar Powered Attic Fan
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